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Slogan. March 02, 2022. Pinnacle Counseling & Coaching, AZ.

“Encourage.Equip.Empower”® is now a registered trademark of Pinnacle Counseling & Coaching, AZ – Mar 02, 2022

Michael Honer cleared a hurdle to protect their intellectual property by registering their trademark with the United State Patent and Trademark Office on Jan 20, 2022.

Michael Honer now has rights to protect the use of the Slogan in Class 041 –Education and Entertainment and Sporting and Cultural Activities to cover “Counseling and Coaching Services. Master Life Purpose Coach Certification. Master Ministry Coach Certification. Ministry/Church Group Coaching. Masterclasses in purpose, lifestyle, career, business, mindset, anxiety, stress, depression, family, and self-care”. Pinnacle Counseling & Coaching, LLC. is a purpose-driven counseling and coaching service. We provide effective and long-lasting solutions for anyone who desires to
overcome their blockers to live the life they were meant to live while embracing who they are meant to be. Our focus is to ‘Purpose Others’ and our mission is to Encourage.Equip.Empower™ those we work with to reach their goals in life, career, business, and ministry goals with resilience via counseling and coaching programs (virtual and live), career and business masterclasses, life purpose coach and ministry coach certifications, tools, resources, and a supportive community to connect with during your journey. We service individuals, families, adolescents, and ministries. Get
the support you need from people who really care about your life’s journey. We are here for you. Contact us today to get started.

This slogan embodies who we are and what we do, daily.

To learn more about Michael Honer’s trademark application, visit
http://www.USPTO./evo_elements/js/index.jsp and look up serial number 97231846.
To learn more about Michael Honer, visit

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